Il Chiostro - Suvereto - Toscana

A unique experience in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

The Chiostro of Suvereto. Apartments with every comfort obtained from a wise restructuring of a convent in 1200. For a stay immersed in the history and authenticity of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Suvereto, Tuscany

Settled in a cloister built orginially in the Middle Ages, this accomodation offers a unique atmosphere. The Apartments and the Suites, with their charm, offer guests relaxing tranquility and peaceful silence. A gift for the Soul within a unique historical accomodation. Terraces overlook the historical center, and a private garden in which moments of complete relaxation will be spent. Our guests will be fully immersed in the everyday authentic life of the historical center of Suvereto.

Il Chiostro Suvereto
Appartamento 5

The Suites are spacious and exclusive apartments situated in the central part of the medieval convent, and they wisely retain the original Tuscan style. They offer breathtaking views overlooking the sea and the wonderful Tuscan hills. These modern style Apartments are simple, functional and carefully taken care of, which is reflected in every detail .The garden and the view over the historical centre give people a taste of our beautiful traditions.